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Hotel & Wayfinding Consultancy

JFK SIGNS is an accomplished sign design and manufacturing consultancy that specialises in sign making within the hotel sector.

Professional Consulting

JFK SIGNS is an accomplished sign design and manufacturing consultancy that specialises in sign making within the hotel sector.

We use a structured methodology and approach that can be customised for individual projects, allowing us to provide an efficient and professional service to our consultancy customers.

Our consultancy and manufacturing teams are always in close communication, which enables us to give you the most relevant advice, fast. This also ensures that we provide precise costing and design estimations that are monitored throughout the design process.

Our Methodology

Our specially formulated framework for wayfinding, sign design and manufacture.

  • Meet and surpass the requirements of the Equality Act and/or other local codes
  • Design with the architecture and interior design of the building in mind
  • Maximise the use of sustainable materials
  • Appropriately reinforce the potential of any revenue generating outlets
  • Improve the quality of guests/customer visits
  • Use available budget to its full potential
  • Implement and sustain brand standards

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Innovative Approach

JFK SIGNS uses a unique methodology that has been strategically formed from years of experience, this is just a structured template , that we then customised to suit each unique project. This also helps our clients understand what we are doing and what to expect from us in a clear and effective manner.

The details within each part of our strategy will change depending on the type and stage of development that each individual project is in.

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Our Strategy

Planning Framework

Research and initialisation

To start the planning process we coordinate a startup meeting with our client to determine what they expect from us, this also helps us plan further, more focussed meetings and user interviews as required.

We then conduct further research through site inspections as well as pedestrian and vehicular traffic route checks. This allows us to recognise operational requirements and demands but also any complications which may arise. Once these are communicated to the client, we construct a design and implementation plan, where we discuss initial manufacturing and installation costings

Approach and Scheduling

In this stage we will create a list outlining signage design and type required. We will also construct an effective approach for the wayfinding scheme and discuss goals and objectives in regards to it.

A plan/map featuring crucial location points that require signs will be created, where the sign types, sizes and texts will be detailed and kept in a database.


Design Process

For specified sign types we will provide suitable alternative colours, materials and content and agree on the overall design direction.

Final designs for all signs will be solidified and approved by client. Architects and contractors will be consulted. Manufacturing and installation costs will be updated as needed.

Construction documentation

We will prepare design drawings for all signs and complete the specification for design intent standards. Final fabrication, sign location plans and schedule will be finalised.



To put the implementation process into action we will hold a meeting to discuss design intent documentation and drawings and answer any further questions regarding bid support.

Construction administration

We will assign supervisors on site during the installation process and supply a snagging list followed by a sign off.

Who we work with

Hotel and Leisure Signs