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Art Deco Vintage Bonze Wayfinding Signage – 101 Cleveland

Art Deco Vintage Bonze Wayfinding Signage – 101 Cleveland

Creating a complete suite of wayfinding signage for a boutique luxury development in London’s Fitzrovia

101 on Cleveland is an exclusive luxury mix-use development set in the heart of London’s fashionable Fitzrovia.

With stunning New-York style architecture and interiors as well as high-end amenities, including a private dining room, residents bar, and full-spec gym, 101 is a truly luxury proposition.

101’s apartments start at £1.3 million, and its business units have already become home to a range of high-profile businesses, including international fashion brand Ted Baker’s headquarters.

Working with leading architects, Assael, to create a suite of bespoke bronze signage for the development

In 2020, after an in-depth procurement process, we are delighted that McLaren, the development’s construction contractor, chose us to create and install the project’s signage.

As this was development is aimed at a high-net worth target audience with a very discerning eye, every aspect of the development needed to be of a high aesthetic standard.

The brief was work with Assael, the project’s award-winning architect and design firm, to ensure that the signage met both their vision and quality standards.

Art deco vintage bronze wayfinding signage

As the project’s interior design was heavily inspired by Manhattan’s golden age, Assael wanted to use bronze throughout in varying formats and finishes. Specifically, this included oversized brass wall signs for each floor landing, as well as smaller reverse-etched and heavily patinated plaques.

In light of this, we worked closely with Assael’s design team to ensure the signage met their requirements.

  • – To ensure the signs matched the original designs, we used Assael’s design files to ensure the typography and icons matched
  • – For the large brass wall signs, we used laser-cutting technology to achieve extremely precise cut lettering
  • – To achieve the very specific patina finish they were looking for we hand-finished the plaques

The result: a cohesive and consistent signage experience

As such, the result is a suite of wayfinding signage that fits seamlessly with the building’s exterior and interior design. This meant that the project’s design team were happy, and consequently, the construction company.

We are delighted to have been part of a project with such a dream team of developers, constructors and designers.

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