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Fascia Signage for Neatsmith

Fascia Signage for Neatsmith

Creating fascia signage for London’s leading wardrobe designers

Neatsmith is a luxury bespoke storage designer based in London. A team of expert designers, cabinet makers and fitters, they collaborate with their clients to create custom wardrobes, cabinets and cupboards to for their homes.

Growing fast, Neatsmith have opened 5 showrooms in Brentwood, Finchley Road, Teddington, Hatch End and Chelsea over the last 10 years. Long-term suppliers for Neatsmith, we’ve been fortunate to create the signage for each of these showrooms.

Creating stunning showrooms

For all of its signage, Neatsmith’s brief is the same: to create signage that reflects the quality of the bespoke wardrobes they create. As their stores showcase their work and are where they consult their clients, the signage needs to convey quality and expertise. This is summed up by Neatsmith’s director, Andrew Nagel: “We’re dedicated to working on a very personal level with our clients to produce something of real quality which we feel proud to say is by Neatsmith”.

High-gloss acrylic fascia signs

In light of this, we’ve produced a series of high-gloss acrylic fascia signs for Neatsmith stores. Most recently, opening a store in Chelsea, Neatsmith wanted some unique signage. So we worked with them to co-create a unique patinated brass plaque for their shop front. It’s a pleasure to a company that really values quality and craft.

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