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Fascia signage for the Royal Eagle Hotel

Fascia signage for the Royal Eagle Hotel

Creating the fascia signage for a Victorian-period mansion hotel in Paddingdon

The Royal Eagle is a traditional, Victorian-period mansion hotel based in Paddington, London.
This signage is an archive piece for JFK Signs, as we built it back in 1998 when it was completely renovated to achieve a high quality traditionally British look.

A renovation calls for new exterior signage

As a part of this renovation, The Royal Eagle contacted us to create their new exterior signage. The brief was to create something high quality, timeless, and in keeping with the handsome and characterful street.

Built up patinated gold fascia signage with accompanying brass plaques

In light of this, we created a built up patinated gold lettered fascia as well as a series of engraved brass plaques to accompany it. Around twenty years later, the signage is still standing strong. It has also benefited from the added benefit of the brass gaining a natural weathered patinated finish over the years.


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