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Lettering & Fascias for Anzu Restaurant

Lettering & Fascias for Anzu Restaurant

Creating premium fascia signage for Anzu, a new Japanese restaurant in St Jame’s Market

Anzu is a new fine-dining Asian-Japanese restaurant in London’s new £400 million St James’s Market development, situated just off Piccadilly Circus. It was created by the founders of the successful ramen restaurant brand, Tonkotsu.

Anzu’s critically acclaimed interior is absolutely stunning. Designed Blenheim Design, a leading international interior design agency, it fuses traditional Japanese elements, materials and techniques with modern surface textures and applications. In 2016, Anzu was awarded Gold Winner of A Design Award, and Silver and Bronze Winner of the International Design Awards. Bloomberg also named it one of the best London restaurants to open in 2016.

Award-winning interior design from Blenhein Design

Launching, in November 2016, Anzu contacted JFK to put the finishing touch to its new restaurant: its fascia signage. As this was both a brand and restaurant launch, it was vital that the restaurant fascia matched the restaurant’s interior design. After all, as it is new brand, many customers first impression of the restaurant will be formed by its signage.

Award-winning interior design needs top quality, innovative signage

In light this we worked closely with both Anzu and Blenhein, to create a beautifully bespoke restaurant fascia. To do this, we used a variety of specialist processes and finishes to achieve Anzu’s carefully designed aesthetic. Our signage included a powder-coated champagne-finished built-up lettered front sign and an illuminated projecting sign.

We are absolutely thrilled to work such a beautifully designed new restaurant concept from leading UK Japanese restaurant brand.

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