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Exterior signage for The Black Penny

Exterior signage for The Black Penny

Creating the exterior signage for a unique coffee shop in Sloane Square

The Black Penny is a unique coffee shop and performance venue with locations in Covent Garden and Sloane Square.

As well as selling coffee, The Black Penny host performances such as poetry readings, live debates and music; all of which aim to educate and entertain the audience. This idea is inspired by England’s original 17th century coffee houses, which were also known as “Penny Universities”. These would invite visitors to pay a penny for a cup of coffee and the chance to listen to academic and political debates of the day.

A second branch opening in Sloane Square

Opening their second branch in Sloane Square in December 2018, The Black Penny contacted us to create and fit their fascia signage. As The Black Penny a visually strong and impactful brand identity, its marketing team were eager to ensure that the signage was completely in line with their brand guidelines.

Bold illuminated 3D letters above a fabric awning

In light of this, we worked in close partnership with The Black Penny’s branding agency, Shut Up Studio based in Brighton, to produce signage that was completely on-spec and consistent with their Covent Garden branch. Specifically, we created elevated 3D illuminated lettering above a fabric awning.


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