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Wayfinding signage for the Shard Hospital

Wayfinding signage for the Shard Hospital

Creating the wayfinding signage for The Shard Hospital

The Shard Hospital is a London based leading hospital that required new bespoke wayfinding signage to label a variety of areas, rooms and services within the building. HCA UK at the Shard offers a wide range of medical specialities, including diagnostic imaging, physiotherapy and rehabilitation. With a team of experts at hand and the latest medical technology, the Shard ensures that patients are given the highest level of service from the minute they walk through the door.

Therefore The Shard Hospital wanted to allow their patients and visitors to feel more comfortable and at ease while navigating through the building. The Shard Hospital management team brought JFK Signs on board to manufacture and install a range of wayfinding signs, including an aluminium fascia installation and a variety of directional signs.

JFK Signs worked closely with The Shard Hotel team to identify the key rooms and areas where signage would be most suitable and the type of signage that would be appropriate for each. Once this was decided, each sign was expertly designed and manufactured by the JFK Team to be clear, coherent and fulfil any specific hospital guidelines. The wayfinding signs now allow visitors and patients to identify different departments easily and know which specialists they are visiting.

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